Protein Coffee: Benefits and Recipes

Pouring a proffee shake

Looking for ways to get more protein in your life? Your morning (or afternoon!) cup of joe can be a surprisingly easy — and delicious — way to do so.

Protein and Coffee? Absolutely!

Research has shown that having a high-protein breakfast can help stabilize your blood sugar and regulate appetite throughout the day. Getting more protein in the morning is also associated with higher protein intake overall, ensuring you get all the wonderful benefits of protein, like building and maintaining muscle.

Interested in adding protein to your coffee routine? We’ve got lots of ideas. Enjoy our Café Latte Protein Shakes and Café Latte Protein Powder for an easy way to get 30 grams of coffee-flavored protein per serving. You can also explore dozens of our coffee shop-inspired recipes or get creative and make your own!

Coffee Protein Shake Recipes

Our 11.5 oz. Café Latte Protein Shake is as smooth and creamy as your favorite latte, with a lot less sugar and a lot more protein. It has 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and as much caffeine as 1 cup of coffee.

The shake makes a luscious treat on its own, and can also be used to make many other protein-packed snacks and coffee house-worthy concoctions. Try a Red Velvet Latte, Café Latte Chia Pudding, or Café Latte Brownies.

Coffee Protein Powder Recipes

If mixing your own protein shakes and smoothies is your thing, you can become your own favorite barista with our Café Latte Protein Powder.

Like our shakes, the Café Latte Protein Powder also packs 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. It’s a perfect for beverages or snacks, like protein bites or protein pancakes.

Explore our Café Latte Protein Powder recipes — including a decadent Coffee Smoothie Bowl — or experiment and create your own.

More Coffee Protein Recipes

Our Café Latte Protein Shake and Protein Powder are simple, delicious tools to combine protein and coffee. But they’re not the only way!

You can use many different Premier Protein products to add protein to your coffee. Take your favorite Protein Shake of any flavor and use it as a protein-packed coffee creamer, by mixing with your favorite hot coffee or cold brew. Add iced coffee to your favorite vanilla or chocolate smoothie recipes for an indulgent way to energize.

Explore our many, many coffee + protein combo recipes and find fun new ways to fuel your day!

Think you’ve struck (liquid) gold? We love seeing your recipes! Share your caffeinated creations with us on Instagram at @PremierProtein.