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Welcome to the Premier Shakers program, an inclusive and energetic community of Premier Protein fans turned brand insiders.

Shakers share a passion for celebrating life’s little wins, inspiring others and spreading that one-of-a-kind Premier love to their circles and beyond. If Premier Protein products play a big role in your health journey, and crafting up awesome, engaging social media posts is a specialty of yours, we’d love to hear from you!

Check back in November to apply to join the Premier Shakers.

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Premier Shakers are more than just brand ambassadors.

Yes, Shakers get exclusive access to the newest products and experiences. But they also join an amazing collective of friends across the country who cheer each other on and live the “progress over perfection” lifestyle. That’s energy they pour into their own journeys—and use to inspire even more health journey warriors, online and out in the world.

Meet just a few of our Shakers below.

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Check back in November to apply to join the Premier Shakers.

Premier Shaker Program Perks

  • A support network of Shakers all across the country
  • Early access to new products
  • Chances to be featured on Premier Protein’s social channels
  • A cash stipend from us
  • Branded swag you can rock at work, at home, or at the gym

Pouring on the Positivity

I have tried tons [of protein shakes]. A lot of different ones. And I always went back to Premier.
Jodie @jodssleeve_journey, Premier Shaker on a fitness and weight loss journey
I tell people it's not a diet. This is your life. This is your lifestyle. [Premier Protein is] about living and trying to live our best life.
Heidy Jantzen @heidyjofficial, Premier Shaker and model
Now that I am healthier and happier, I have energy to focus on putting more kindness out to those around me. Feeling good in my own skin makes me want to help others feel better about themselves!
Amber Thompson @ajs4ever.vsg, Premier Shaker and motivator
Premier Protein helps keep me honest. It keeps me [on track] with my protein goals.
Brianna Leon @improvingbri, Premier Shaker on a weight loss journey
[Premier Protein] actually really changed my life—and not only my life, but my family's lives, too. I've gotten all of them to start the day off with their Premier coffee.
Gisela Oliveira @giselagotsleevedxo, Premier Shaker on a weight loss journey