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    Award Winning Taste+

    Recipient of the American Master of Taste Gold Medal for SUPERIOR TASTING ready-to-drink protein beverages in a national taste test by Chefs In America in 2015, 2016, 2017.

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    Benefits of 30g Protein+

    Functional: Protein is a good source of energy, helps build and maintain muscle toning, and controls weight.

    Complete Proteins: Our shakes contain all nine essential amino acids. They are essential because the human body cannot produce them itself and must receive them from food.

    Crafted with Milk Protein Blend: Our shakes contain milk proteins, a combination of whey protein and casein protein, to sustain energy for a longer period of time.

    Daily Essential Protein: Studies suggest that it may be more beneficial to eat 25-30g protein at each meal every day.

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    160 Calories, 5g Carb, Low Fat+

    160 Calories, High Protein: Majority of the 160 calories comes from the 30g protein vs. the 5g of carbohydrates and 3g of Fat.

    5g Carbohydrates: Which is 2% DV. Carbs include 3g Fiber or 12% DV. Fiber is a carbohydrate that your body cannot digest, it does not raise your blood sugar levels.

    Low Fat: 3g Total Fat in our shakes. Guilt-free indulgence.

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    1g Sugar in Each Shake+

    Benefits of a low sugar diet include helping maintain consistent blood sugar levels, weight loss, and reducing cravings.

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    24 Vitamins & Minerals+

    Each shake contains 24 vitamins and minerals which are considered essential nutrients. They help maintain bone health, support your immune system, and help convert food into energy.

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    Gluten Free, No Soy+

    Our shakes are gluten free and free from soy ingredients.

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    Chill, Freeze, Bake+

    Chill it for convenient to go pack – bring it on your picnics

    Freeze it and thaw for an hour to create a slushie for warm days

    Bake it find more recipes on our community hub

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