What is Healthy Protein?

Plates full of meat, fish and a bowl of milk.

The good. The better. And the best for you.

You can get protein from many foods. Meat, fish and eggs. Dairy, nuts and vegetables. And, of course, protein shakes and bars. The question becomes what else is your protein delivering?

Many sources of protein also contain fat and carbs. And some can pack lots of calories as well. For example, an ounce of peanuts gives you 7 grams of protein, but also 14 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbs and 166 calories.

The best sources deliver lots of protein without a lot of fat, carbs and sugar. That’s why chicken breast is an excellent choice, delivering 27 grams of protein with just 3 grams of fat for 142 calories. Great-tasting Premier Protein® shakes and bars are also an excellent choice, since they deliver some of the highest protein and lowest calories and sugar on the market compared to other shakes and bars.