The Whole Package

A new Premier Protein bottle that is 35% Less Plastic and Recyclable.  With the words "We built a better bottle."

The same shakes you love, now in a bottle you’ll love even more

At Premier, we never stop looking for ways to make our products even better. Better for our customers. Better for our planet. That pursuit of excellence led us to a new bottle—and not to brag, but we’re kind of proud of it. Less plastic. Less waste. Easier to recycle. Made using sustainable energy. New and improved might be an understatement.

Easy Recycling. We’ve switched to PET plastic– so you can drop your bottle in any recycling bin that accepts #1 plastics—including most household waste collection services.

Less is More. While we’re talking plastic, there is now less of it. Each bottle has 35% less plastic than the previous version. That means less material and lower carbon emissions, and a win for everyone.

Easy Open. We’ve added perforation—a zipper, if you will— to the outer label. Just pull, and your bottle is naked—and ready to be recycled. Speaking of naked, our clear bottles now let you see … everything. Don’t be surprised— shakes can settle, and that’s completely normal.

Spreading Good Energy. Our bottles are produced using renewable energy. All this adds up to a smaller carbon footprint. It’s just one more step we are taking toward a more Earth-friendly product.

Here’s How it Shakes Out

  • As always, start by giving your bottle a healthy shake. Wake up all that goodness and get it moving.

  • One twist and the bottle’s open-- no foil to peel and throw away.

  • A lighter bottle allows for a smaller carbon footprint, while delivering the same flavor and protein you love.

  • Once you’re finished, simply unzip that label, throw it away, and toss the bottle in the nearest recycling bin.

Who says it’s not easy being green?

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