How to Make Your Perfect Protein Smoothie

Three different smoothies in glasses.  Each one made with Premier Protein Shakes.

Your guide to adding amazing smoothies to your routine.

When it comes to the benefits of drinking your nutrients, we know we’re kind of preaching to the choir here (but allow us to do it anyway, for a quick sec). Any time you can jam pack all the goodness your body needs into a glass, you’ve got a quick and convenient way to stay on track. Since Premier shakes have 30g protein and nutrients to support immune health in every bottle or carton, a few quick additions (or more, if you like 😉) can transform your go-to shake into a delicious smoothie.

First, let’s talk about the pros of a smoothie. They enable you to consume several servings of fruits and veggies quickly and efficiently. More on this in a minute.

Another big perk: convenience. You throw a bunch of things in a blender, and a minute or two later you can walk out the door with the finished product. Drink it in your car, in a meeting, at your kid’s baseball game . . . seriously anywhere.

Finally– and most importantly–they’re delicious. You can tweak the recipe until you find your perfect combo, and switch it up whenever a craving strikes. We have some amazing smoothie recipes to share with you (Café Latte Smoothie, anyone?). But first– we want to teach you all you need to know to make your own smoothie. Tailored to your health needs. Your flavor preferences. And frankly, using what you have in your kitchen.

B.Y.O.S.: Build Your Own Smoothie

Start with a protein shake of your choice. Vanilla is a good place to start– it goes with just about anything. But if your smoothie is fruit-forward, Strawberries & Cream is a good option. Chocolate or Café Latte is a solid option for combos that include bananas, coffee, and peanut butter. The choice is yours!

Add something frozen. A handful of ice works, but we recommend a frozen banana. TIP: peel and freeze bananas that are super ripe (even too ripe to eat). They give great flavor and natural sweetness.

Add stuff for flavor.

-For a fruit smoothie, a cup of berries or mango are great options, but feel free to go another route. You do you!

-2 tbsp peanut butter is a great choice for a richer smoothie experience.

Boost your vitamins and fiber! This one is technically optional, but we highly recommend it. Add a handful of spinach or kale to ANY (and every) smoothie you make. The other ingredients are delicious enough that you won’t taste the leafy greens, you’ll just reap the rewards.

Optional: add some perk. Just sayin, a packet of instant coffee can turn your chocolate-banana smoothie into a lovely frappe.

-Feeling fancy? Mint leaves or grated ginger can add an extra flavor dimension!

OR, you can’t go wrong with one of these amazing protein smoothie options!

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