Premier Shakers Share Advice for Finding Joy in the Journey

Five Premier shakers wearing Premier Protein gear pose in front of red balloons.

You know when you see someone absolutely thriving and you wonder “what’s their secret?” Well, no gatekeeping here! We recently asked some of our Premier Shakers — Premier Protein brand ambassadors — to share what helps them find balance, inspiration and joy. They talked about what helps them find balance in their health journeys, how they use protein to achieve it, and how that balance helps them live their best lives.

It’s All About Balance, Baby!

One thing we heard over and over again from our Shakers was the importance of balance — balancing their health and happiness, and developing a balanced relationship with food.

“Being healthy allows me to be happier. Making sure I take care of my health first and foremost, happiness then follows,” says Courtney Dumas.

“When I'm healthy, I’m happy,” Katie Robledo echoes. “Healthy for me is making sure I’m doing things and consuming things that are a bit of fun mixed with the nutrients my body needs. My mental health has completely changed for the better when I’m balancing my health. I don’t put any negative OR positive emotions on foods, so it becomes part of just a normal routine instead of a guilt or a reward that has to be ‘earned’ or ‘feel bad about.’”

“Having a balanced relationship with food has given me more energy, more stamina and more experiences,” says Jenna Groome-Rex, who is on a weight loss journey after getting a gastric sleeve. “When I didn’t have a great relationship with food I said ‘no’ to a lot of things I really wanted to say ‘yes’ to because my weight held me back. Now, I’m a ‘yes’ girl, a ‘yes’ mom (most of the time) and a ‘yes’ spouse!”

For some of our Shakers, seeking balance is what drives them.

“As a Type 1 Diabetic, my life is all about balance!” says Nicole Brown. “Every day feels like a gift and I'm grateful for the opportunity to try my best to keep my body in tip top shape!”

Protein As a (Not So) Secret Weapon

Unsurprisingly, all our Shakers understand what an important tool protein is in helping them achieve their balanced, happy, and healthy lives. In fact, many of them start their days with it.

“I have Premier Protein daily. My favorite way to incorporate it into my life is with a shake over ice with a shot of espresso. “Proffee” jumpstarts my day with 30 grams of protein and tastes so so good!” says Jenna. “Since I had bariatric surgery it is essential for me to get enough protein to fuel my body daily. Hitting my protein goals helps me live my best life and allows me to go after all the things I want in life while knowing I am giving my body what it needs.”

Maria Lyuksyutova-Price lists her favorite (and creative!) ways to incorporate protein throughout the day: “Proffee! Having a Premier Protein shake on my way home after work. Using Premier Protein shakes and making protein-packed pudding and ice cream! And incorporating protein like chicken and fish into my diet daily!”

Our Shakers also rely on protein to help tackle cravings.

“I have a sweet tooth, so making a shake is like having my favorite ice cream, Cookies and Cream,” says Ruben Hernandez-Villon.

Jamie Dugan tackles cravings “by making a calorie-conscious/higher-protein version of said craving and also high volume, if possible.”

“I make sure my plate is balanced,” says Katie. “I have a portion of whatever it is I’m craving and add in protein, fiber, fat and I am feeling more satisfied for longer.”

Feel the Ripple Effects

For our Shakers, finding balance in their health and food leads to so, so much more. Whether it’s getting to enjoy activities they love or helping family and friends, they find that nourishing themselves goes way beyond their own bodies.

“I try to incorporate things throughout my day that bring me joy!” says Maria, “Like being outside and spending time with loved ones. I love incorporating exercise into spending time with friends and family. Whether it be a hike, a walk or a bike ride.”

Many of our Shakers were proudest of the impact their health journeys have had on those they love.

“My children get to see me live a life that I love because I am consistent and never give up on myself,” says Katie.

“I have impacted my friends and family with my healthy habits,” says Joyce Marcellus. “Since I have lost 150 pounds on my own by cooking and lifting, they see it as it being something they can achieve as well.”

I've gotten both my husband and a few friends to start going to the gym with me,” says Nicole. “I've also gotten plenty of friends and family hooked on Premier Protein shakes — My husband's favorite is the Café Latte!

A Little Extra Inspiration

Need to borrow a mantra? Our Shakers have you covered. They share their top 3 mindset shifts that have motivated them to become their happiest, healthiest selves.

Courtney says:

  1. Stop comparing your journey to someone else, we are all different.
  2. Create a positive morning and evening routine!
  3. Set smaller goals to see more progress!

Maria says:

  1. Focus on today, daily choices will have cumulative results.
  2. If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, worrying for more than 5 minutes isn’t worth it.
  3. Happiness is a daily choice, only you can make that choice for yourself.

Katie says:

  1. Progress. Not perfection.
  2. Rely on habits, not motivation.
  3. You won’t be perfect. And that’s still ok.

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