Our Best Selves

A long collage of healthy women living their best life.

How we—the people behind the scenes at Premier Protein—strive to live our best lives.

If 2020 has thrown you for a total loop, join the club. We all have had to rethink how we do pretty much everything: work, socialize, exercise, even relax. Here at Premier, we believe that everyone must find their own “right”—what works for them. And that can change (sometimes on a daily basis!). We really appreciate the #NotesToSelf you have shared with us, what you do to be your #PremierSelf. Now we want to return the favor. We’ve asked members of our team—each a Premier Protein employee—to share their tips and tricks.

On Staying Positive

“I feel like I have a ‘glass half full’ kind of mentality for my own life, but I also have a lot of close relationships with people who have similar attitudes, which helps fuel the positivity in my life overall.” -Adriana, Sales Analyst

“I video call my 5-month-old niece every day when she wakes my brother up at 5am South Africa time and just watch her. Her innocence-- and also the fact that she’s annoying my brother-- brings positivity to me!” -- Maria, Lab Technician

“It’s important to find and support people who are doing good work in my community, like the United People Against Brutality. When people are driving change, and I can help them reach our shared goals, it gives me hope.” -Christine, Accounts Receivable Manager

“This year I found meditation, journaling, and bought a Panda Planner which all have been life-changing for me in staying positive during these times. Meditation has taught me to focus on the present, journaling gives me the chance to reflect and practice gratitude, and the Panda Planner helps me stay focused on my goals.” Stephanie Ortiz, People Specialist

“Be grateful for the little things. If I can have coffee, life is great!” – Pheap, Trade Analyst

On Staying Active

“I like to lift weights a couple times a week. I feel that if you can find a form of exercise you enjoy doing, the more likely you’ll fit it into your schedule.” - Jacky, Inventory Control Coordinator

“Usually, I’d jump into a workout class to stay active! But since we are now in a pandemic, I take long walks (at least 4 miles) in the morning while listening to a podcast. I also love YouTube workout videos.” - Ari, Associate Counsel/Privacy Officer

“Being physically active is also a big part of staying positive for me. Bike riding is my main transportation, making it easier to get some activity in day to day. I also have a workout space in my backyard, which helps to remove excuses for exercising throughout the week.” -Stephen, Packaging Engineer

“Before COVID-19, I would train Muay Thai. It’s a great stress reliever and sport where I push myself to the limit physically and mentally. I have learned how to stay calm in stressful situations, think strategically, and have the courage to face an opponent head on.” -Stephanie Ortiz, People Specialist

“To fit working out into my schedule, I have to have a cutoff time where I log off work for the day. It’s easy to get lost in the work and lose track of time, but there has to be a consistent period I reserve everyday to work on myself.” -Tony, Supply Planner

On Go-To Snacks

“My favorite go-to snack is probably peanut butter (but not the crunchy kind though, that’s just wrong!) I’ll just eat it by itself. It’s quick and easy, has protein, low carbs, high fat and potassium which is good right before I run. I also use it to suppress sugary cravings.” - Eugene Anderson, Financial Planner and Analyst

“A hard-boiled egg. It gives me quick, easy, protein and vitamins.” Victor Tancredi, IT Systems Administrator

“Anything involving fruit! I have a sweet tooth so it makes me feel a little healthier eating fruit instead of eating cookies all day.” -Adriana, Sales Analyst

“When I’m in the office, I grab two Cookies & Cream Premier Protein shakes! It’s the best flavor in my opinion.” -Tony, Supply Planner

“I love beef jerky! It tastes great, has a good amount of protein, and seems healthy enough😊.” – Jacky, Inventory Control Coordinator

“I love fresh fruits & nuts, I keep some pre–cut so it’s easy to grab, and satisfies my sweet cravings too. I also love Flaming Hot Cheetos, but this is more of a cheat than a snack. Ha!” – Maria, Lab Technician

On Keeping a Balance and Getting it All Done

“Waking up earlier than the family helps me prep for the day’s craziness. I make huge batches of dinner to last for the next day’s lunch and sometimes the next day’s dinner. I also have 3 portable desks that allow my entire family to work from anywhere in our little apartment.” – Pheap, Trade Analyst

“I try to put tasks right on my calendar so I book time and also get reminded. My wife and I share our calendars. If it’s not on the calendar, it isn’t happening.” - Victor Tancredi, IT Systems Administrator

“Wake up humble and grateful for each day because it could be so much worse! Also, planning ahead-- whether that be with your meals or workouts, getting stuff done is so much more seamless with a little planning ahead of time. Lastly, surround yourself with people who love you and genuinely care about you!” -Ari, Associate Counsel/Privacy Officer at Premier

“Work/life balance is super important to me, so truly stepping away from screens and getting outside, even if it’s just a simple walk with my dog, helps keep my life balanced. Being outside instantly gives me energy and makes me happy, so I really try to make sure I’m disconnecting after work…a little wine sometimes doesn’t hurt either!” -Adriana, Sales Analyst

Sage Advice: Words that help us be our #PremierSelf

“Always be gentle and kind to yourself. We tend to be our own worst critics, and expect ourselves to do more and be more than other people expect of us. It’s important to do your best and have pride in what you do, but it’s not worth sparing your mental or physical health for.” - Claire Brazeel, Quality Lab Technician

’Make failure your fuel!’ It’s a quote and concept by Abby Wambach that I love.” -Christine, Accounts Receivable Manager

“The best advice I was given was ‘You get out what you put in.’ This can apply to work, family, fitness, or anything really. If you put in good quality, then the results will follow.” -Eugene Anderson, Financial Planner and Analyst

“LET IT GO! You cannot hold on to things that bring you down mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. You must do your best and believe that what is meant to be, will be.” Ari, Associate Counsel/Privacy Officer

What’s your secret? What hacks have you found that enable you to be your #PremierSelf ? Share them with us @PremierProtein #NotestoSelf.