Be Your #PremierSelf

A woman sitting and laughing outside by the pool. On top of the photo, the Premier Self hashtag is handwritten and surrounded by illustrations of sunglasses and a festive protein shake.

Premier Fam, it’s almost *officially* summer. And this summer, we want to know what makes you feel like your #PremierSelf.

What does that mean? It means diving into a new season with a goal: celebrate what gives your whole self—mind, spirit and body—a burst of energy when the sun comes out.

Maybe it’s a project you’re working on or the recipes you’re pulling out of your cookbook. Maybe it’s the creative new way you’re catching up with family and friends. Maybe it’s a hiking path you’re finally trying out...or just a sweet pic of your #PremierSelf enjoying a moment of peace.

Let’s share the shine!

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