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Krychele Valenzuela

Krychle Valenzuela

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Krychele Valenzuela is a fashion blogger focused on body positivity and self-love. She currently resides in Northern California with her husband and their baby boy. Krychele aims to help her readers with useful fashion and lifestyle tips for women and babies. When she is not blogging she enjoys shopping and travelling and eating great food with her family.

What are you most excited about when you get up in the morning?

When I wake up, I am most excited to enjoy my daily cup of coffee! I love starting the day slow, sipping on my favorite hot beverage

What’s something that people wouldn’t know about you upon first glance?

At first glance, people would probably never guess that I am an avid golfer! I even won two state championships on my high school team.

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal would be a cheetah because that is my favorite print. It is starting to take over my closet!

Who inspires you to be a better person?

My mom is my biggest inspiration. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and would give the shirt off her back for someone in need. The world needs more people like her.

If you had an unexpected day off, what would you do?

If I had a whole day to myself, I would check off everything on my to-do list. I love nothing more than a busy productive day. Then I would treat myself to a pedicure because with a toddler around, that is a rarity!

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