Kerri Seales

Kerri Seales

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My name is Kerri, I am a 29 year old newlywed from Long Island, NY. I am a Weight Watchers Ambassador, Wellness Guide, and work 2 other jobs. I love creating new healthy recipes, sharing style deals and giving people an inside look of my life! I was 320 pounds when I began my journey with WW, and I lost over 100 pounds on my wedding day and I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary of keeping the weight off! In my spare time I like to take road trips with my husband and my dog Renzo. Sundays are for Starbucks espresso over a caramel Premier Shake (2 WW Smartpoints), long walks down the aisles in target and treating myself to a mani-pedi!

What drives you to succeed?

The feeling of being proud of myself, of waking up every single day and having to pinch myself and realize, “THIS IS NOW MY LIFE!” I never want this feeling to go away.

What song is the soundtrack to your life?

Ain’t Giving Up- Craig David & Sigala

Who would play you in a biopic film about your life?

Drew Barrymore, we don’t look anything alike- but she’s funny, care-free, and has seen her share of struggle in life.

How do you spread good energy to your community?

I think when you are in a position of feeling weak, or not capable of doing something- seeing other people that were in your same shoes doing it, living it, ya know making it happen- can really inspire others to do the same for themselves! I am huge on easy recipes, quick cooking and making this lifestyle livable, achievable and maintainable. Sharing my newly found confidence and stories from my own journey hopefully inspires others that they too can achieve their goals!

What is something people wouldn’t know about you upon first glance?

I love to make people laugh. At 320 pounds I used to feel like I had to make people laugh for them to like me. Now, I like to make people laugh to spread the joy, love and laughter!

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