Life's a Journey. Bring It On.

We’re excited you’re here.

At Premier, our mission is to inspire optimism on the path to becoming a happier, healthier you. We celebrate progress over perfection. Good habits over excuses. And we believe that when you’ve got an easy win waiting for you in the fridge—a delicious, nutritious shake in your favorite flavor—it makes chasing your health goals something to look forward to every day. That’s a feel-good boost that brings people, on all kinds of journeys, together in a big way.

A Story Behind Every Shake

Araceli holding a Premier Protein Shake
I know I’m not 18 or 20 but I feel it. I feel like I have that kind of energy. I feel strong.
Meet Araceli
Andy enjoying a Café Latte Protein Shake
At the end of the day, I wanna have energy. I want to be feeling good.
Meet Andy
Charmaine enjoying a Chocolate Premier Protein shake.
I want to make sure I’m a good role model for my kids. I want to practice what I preach.
Meet Charmaine
Jackie on stage with a Caramel Premier Protein Shake
To me, being healthy means the day-to-day choices I make aren’t really choices — they’re just habits.
Meet Jackie

Little Shake, Big Nutrition

An assortment of Premier Protein Shakes.

You know you need protein in your diet, but protein isn’t the only thing that makes your shake a daily win. This is robust nutrition you can count on every day.

An assortment of Premier Protein Shakes.
Nutrition grid 30g protein
Nutrition grid 1g sugar
Nutrition grid 24 vitamins minerals
Nutrition grid 160 calories

Flavor That’s Yours

A woman pouring a Premier Protein shake into a glass, a women pouring a Premier Protein shake into a blender, and a hand pouring Premier Protein into a bowl of Cereal.

When it comes to shakes, we’re dedicated to delivering the delicious flavors and smooth, creamy texture that make Premier Protein the easiest choice to support yourself and your goals. If you’re the creative type, or you just love to shake things up, there are dozens of ways to enjoy your Premier Protein shake. Protein coffee, anyone?

(We call it #proffee around these parts. Welcome to the fam.)

An “I Can Do This!” for Every Journey

Some of us aspire to lose weight. For others, it’s time to discover (or rediscover!) the best version of ourselves—the “me” that’s ready to take charge, master that yoga pose, hop back on the playing field or get ready to love on the grandkids for years to come.

Whatever your reason, the trick is to start. Then, stick to it. And when you need support, Premier Protein is here with great taste, amazing nutrition and an awesome, diverse community of health journey warriors. Every sip of the way.

Try a Shake, Join the Fam

No matter what your goals are, get ready for some hard work—supported by the tastiest protein shakes you’ll ever love. #PremierProgress, here you come.