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Protein Shake with Oats

Protein Shake with Oats
  • 20g Protein
  • 7g Fiber
  • 1g Sugar
  • 24 Vitamins &
Protein Shake with Oats

The best way to start your day? Grab a smooth, creamy, delicious — addition — to breakfast with 20g of protein and 7g of fiber! Featuring protein and fiber that helps keep you feeling fuller longer, Protein Shakes with Oats have the great protein, 1g of sugar and incredible taste you love, now with 8g of whole grain oats*. Plus, these breakfast-inspired flavors are delicious served hot. You’ll never skip breakfast again. There’s too much to love.

*Premier Protein Shake with Oats provides 8g of whole grain oats per shake. Nutritionists recommend consuming at least 48g of whole grains per day.

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