• Araceli holding a Premier Protein Shake


    I know I’m not 18 or 20 but I feel it. I feel like I have that kind of energy. I feel strong.
    • Age: 48
    • Work: Desk job
    • Favorite Flavor: Bananas & Cream Protein Shake
  • Andy enjoying a Café Latte Protein Shake


    At the end of the day, I wanna have energy. I want to be feeling good.
    • Age: 43
    • Work: Counselor, dad of 2
    • Favorite Flavor: Café Latte Protein Shake
  • Charmaine enjoying a Chocolate Premier Protein shake.


    I want to make sure I’m a good role model for my kids. I want to practice what I preach.
    • Age: 38
    • Work: Mom of 6
    • Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Protein Shake
  • Jackie on stage with a Caramel Premier Protein Shake


    To me, being healthy means the day-to-day choices I make aren’t really choices — they’re just habits.
    • Age: 30
    • Work: Writer, food runner
    • Favorite Flavor: Caramel Protein Shake

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